The ProLift Library Stack Moving Services

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Helping libraries is our business…it's in our name! We are confident that we can help you on any project. Since our state-of-the-art equipment can help move entire stacks of books in no time, it is the perfect solution for remodeling, new carpet or time installation, new arrangements or layouts of your library, or even whole moves.

ProLift Movers guarantees that we will:

  • Save you time and money — We know that keeping books in the proper place is a giant task. Why take one book of a shelf when you can move the WHOLE shelf? No need for extra employees to take down or disassemble shelves, means less cost!.
  • Avoid unneeded closures — With all the books remaning on the shelf your library can still stay open while you work on your project.
  • Reduce damage and wear to books — No disassembling of shelves means no need to manually remove any books, and reduces the possibility of damaging your shelves as well.
  • Eliminate reshelving errors — Books stay in the same area on shelves, meaning all of your cataloging and alphabetizing stays in tact!

You Can Also Rent Our Patented Equipment

Want to save even more? Rent our library stack/gondola moving equipment and do the move yourself. Our aisle movers are very simple to operate. Utilizing multiple ranges of fully loaded shelving can be moved in the time need to move ONE book shelf manually! Transporting your bookshelves is simplified by the versatility of the wheel assembly. Once inside a building, simply roll your shelf to where you want it!

We can ship our equipment to anywhere in the country, and also can be available for training as well.

For more information, or for a consultation call us today at:


...or email us at:
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