The Smoothest Move You’ll Ever Make!

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File this under non-fiction: a 15,000 square-foot carpet installation that took only half as long as projected, required no building closure, and went off without a hitch.

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The decision's been made: A library is ready to reorganize its collections, renovate a room, or perhaps lay long overdue new carpet. But the very prospect of manually removing, boxing, coding and replacing all those books is daunting. Even mechanical moving seems risky, as it disturbs and can possibly damage precious volumes or create safety hazards for staff and patrons. And, of course, having to close the library for any duration is simply out of the question.

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A moving company based in southwest suburban Chicago is uniquely aware of these challenges and has become the "go-to" specialist for libraries in search of efficient, unusually smooth stack re-locations. Scott Hallett, owner of Professional Library Lift Movers (ProLift Movers, for short), has over 30 years experience in hands-on coordination and supervision of intricate library moves. His company's patented Stack Mover System utilizes a versatile wheel assembly to gently lift and simply roll away an entire stack of books in one smooth, fluid motion -- all within minutes and with no movement of shelf content.
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Phyllis Jacobek, director of the Mokena (IL) Community Public Library District, had to move 125,000 volumes to accommodate a 15,000 square-foot carpeting installation. She says the projected six-week job was accomplished in only three weeks, required absolutely no library closure or loss of accessibility to patrons, and was done with ease. She is unequivocal in her advice to other libraries: "Without a doubt, ProLift Movers is the only company I could truly recommend. Over 30 years, Scott Hallett has developed expertise in the issues facing libraries - from staying open to book preservation, from safety to clean-up - and I can't imagine a library moving stacks without him."

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Scott Hallett has served his own community as a library board member for the past 10 years, and he has a truly firsthand knowledge of a library's most crucial concerns. "I'm an involved advocate for libraries and their central importance to every member of the community," Hallett says. "No matter how complex the move, my crew and I act in true partnership with library staff to keep the building open and completely accessible to patrons. Whatever it takes in terms of planning, execution, and on-site adjustments to make that happen, that is what ProLift Movers is all about."
Hallett will personally travel to any library within the continental United States to plan a move, participate in the move on a daily basis, and supervise employees (including the library's own, if preferred). To see the Stack Mover System in action, watch the short video demonstration on


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