Let Our Patented Equipment To Work For You

Thank you for visiting us here at Professional Library Lift Movers, Inc., the leading provider of library moving equipment solutions. Our revolutionary equipment uses a unique hydraulic system to smoothly lift and almost effortlessly move entire library stacks and gondolas, reducing the expense of a move to a fraction of what a conventional moving company would cost. Plus, you’ll find that your move will take a fraction of the time as a conventional mover, eliminating facility closures!
Want to save even more? Rent our library stack/gondola moving equipment and do the move yourself. We can ship our unique shelf moving equipment to you and set up training for it anywhere in the country!

We specialize in moving libraries. We can help your library move or remodeling. We have over 30 years of library move experience! Click here for more information about our Library Services. Need more information?
Call (708) 927-3624 today!
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