The ProLift Library Stack Moving Services

These are a few of the questions that we are most frequently asked about our services and our process:

How can you save me both time and money?

Since the books remain on the shelves, there is no dismantling and no packing and unpacking of collections. This not only saves you valuable reshelving time, it also saves you both time and effort scheduling periods of closure.

Will I need to move my books?

No, the collections remain on the shelves, or gondolas.

We have some very valuable books. Should I move them out of the way?

Rest assured that there is absolutely no reason to move valuable collections. Our unique equipment gently lifts shelves and gondolas, and the entire stack is moved in one smooth, fluid motion. Your valuable books are completely safe.

Will my carpeting be damaged?

Not in the least! There are 5” wheels on the moving equipment evenly distributing the weight of the shelves, eliminating any possible damage to the carpet.

Will the books fall off the shelves?

Since your shelving will be picked up slowly and evenly, there is absolutely no danger of any books falling off the shelves.

How much lead time is required?

Preplanning is the key to any successful move. As soon as the carpet is selected, meetings should be sheduled between the library, the carpet layers and Professional Library Lift Movers..
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