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The Homewood Public Library underwent a major remodeling project in the summer of 2009. I knew the project would require the skill of a professional moving company and I was looking for a company that would be willing to customize the work based on the library's specific needs. Professional Library Lift Movers fit this description and they were able to assist with the project in a way that met all of my expectations.

Because the renovation project affected every area of the library, the full range of services offered by Professional Library Lift movers was called upon to successfully complete the project. Moving staff needed to dismantle shelving, move office furnishings and store boxed items. As the entire library was re-carpeted, Professional Library Lift Movers was expected to move all the library's shelving. They were able to save the library time and money as they used their shelflift equipment and moved whole stack ranges without removing items from the shelves. It was important that the Library stayed open to the community as much as possible during this project and Professional Library Lift Movers respected this need and worked around the library's schedule. All the work that was preformed by Professional Lift Movers was done so with complete care and the library did not lose a single item to damage. While all of this speaks to the quality of work the company provided it is also important to mention the owner and staff of the company.

As owner of the company, Scott Hallet has established a level of customer service that all of his staff mirror. Each individual is friendly, hardworking and willing to listen to the customers concerns and questions.

I am very happy that we chose Professional Library Lift Movers to assist us with our remodeling project. I think that what puts them above other moving companies is that they understand that its not really about moving things, its about making the customer happy.

Cindy Rauch
Director, Homewood Library
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