Carol Stream Public Library
Endorses ProLift Movers

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The Carol Stream Public Library hired ProLift Movers to move furniture and book stacks as part of a remodeling project. The remodeling and re-carpeting was done in stages while keeping the Library open to the public. In total, there were six days of moving spread out over a six-week period. Throughout the process, Scott and his crew were wonderful to work with.

Scott Hallett was always accessible by phone and we kept in touch during the project, verifying the days he was needed. He and his crew were on time, polite, and hard working. During every move, Scott verified exactly what needed to be moved and where it needed to be placed. They carefully measured and made chalk line to place the stacks evenly where they should be. Every step of the way Scott made sure that the owner was happy.

Scott also worked pleasantly with the other trades who were working in the same area. On the occasions when a member of the public had to be asked to move, Scott was polite and professional.

I thoroughly enjoyed working with ProLift Movers and would recommend them to anyone. I would hire them again in a heartbeat.

Please feel free to contact me if you want more information.

´┐╝Ann Kennedy
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